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  1. One thing cooking does for sure is reduce/remove the water from the vegetable increasing ones need for hydration. At best they should be boiled in water (much like soup), then the liquid consumed after to get the best effect.

  2. I just read studies that you provided in description bellow video, and they said that steaming broccoli is the best. It preserved the most of the nutrient, the most of vitamins and minerals and most of the protein, even more than microwaving. Not sure why you than saying in video that broccoli lost most of their nutrients trough steaming and boiling.

  3. Thomas, I know everyone is different but do you have a basic plan that you recommend for eating, fasting, exercise as a sort of base starting point? Even a high level concept is fine. I've watched most of your videos and while they are very informative trying to piece together the advice in one "package" is not that simple. Either way, thanks for all the info! [ I know you offer personal consulting so I'm not looking for you to dilute your brand. 🙂 ]

  4. I have been trying to do my research on kitogenic diets since watching your channel and I have 1 question for you. Is this diet obtainable if someone were a vegetarian or a vegan. If you've mentioned this already in another video then disregard my comment. I'm sure I'll eventually get to it as I'm trying to go through all your videos.

  5. I heard microwaves destroy enzymes. You didn't mention roasting? I think it just might be the best way to cook vegetables not only for the vitamins, but for the flavor. 😋😋😋

  6. Hey, Thomas! absolutely love your channel, and pretty much everything you're doing! Keep it up! 🙂
    I was wondering if you could do a video covering all forms of exercise/training specifically for the goal of deep ketosis: the effects of weights, HIIT, jogging, walking etc.
    How the different types affect blood glucose and ketone levels short term and longer term. (personal aim: 1:1 ketone:glucose levels)
    I know low intensity walking ~30mins is good for lowering glucose levels, but I've heard a lot of benefit to HIIT training (not sure if fasted or unfasted is better) however 30mins post HIIT workout I measured my bloods and my glucose was super high and ketones were 0.2mmol/L; lowest they've been in months. weight training causes a drop in both glucose and ketones, but was a bit surprised at the seemingly negative effects of HIIT and based on my 2 HIIT workouts, I'm not thinking to avoid it; are these changes just short term drops that will result in better levels long term or are my thoughts to avoid it correct? just stick to walking and weights with ample rest b/w sets.
    Thanks a million yet again for being such an integral part of my keto journey, if there's ever anything I want to know about keto, you're my go-to guy for the info! 😁

  7. Sous Vide is known for being even better than all of the above. You should look into it been using it for about 6 months and its amazing.

  8. Hey! I love your videos, you explain everything perfectly! I wanted to ask you if you could please make a video about polyols… thank you!!

  9. Im so confused, you said that in a recent study about broccoli and carrots that through boiling or steaming they retained the most. Then later you say that soft skin veggies like broccoli wash out most of their vitamins since they are water soluble and also that carrots should be cooked dry in high heat due to their fat soluble vitamins. So… should i just stir fry both?

  10. Hi Thomas, cuold you explain please how glutamine works with nitric oxide precursors and when to take glutamine if i want to take advantage of these two? Thanks

  11. Wait!
    Microwaving veggies is better than not in terms of nutrition?
    Whoa! We got rid of ours eons ago because of an advise that microwaving our food (veggies in particular) decreases its nutrition.

    Oi vey! * hahaha *

  12. Hello Tom, Thank you for all the information you share. Please could you respond. I am more sure about what and how to cook than ever (because if you) but I am getting more and more confused with how to combine intermittent fasting (when to eat) with what to eat – considering I get up 4:30 every morning and in the gym at 5. Not much time to eat before workout. Should i fast afte the workout.
    Thank you for any help

  13. I love sushi so does alot of other people. I was wondering if you could point me towards a keto sushi recipe or a video by any chance. Once again love your videos and look forward to more.

  14. So much fear of microwaves. It's just a magnetron surrounded by a Faraday cage. It then 'spins' the energy coming out of your wall socket, which excites the water molecules in your food making it hotter. Pretty simple stuff.

    More damage has been caused by scalds and burns from a stove than by microwaves. I know this because I know everything, just like those who disagree.

  15. Before you Continue to sie the microwave read the study of hertel from the 90's.
    They have Two Groups of the same plants. They gave cooked
    Water to the First group and heated Water from the microwave to the Second group. Thr result was that all plants from the microwave group died in only a couple of weeks.

  16. Thanks for the video. Can you clarify what should be steamed and what should be stir fried? Also what's the difference between dry cooking and stir frying?

  17. Question for you. From you, from others, I hear the virtues of cider vinegar extolled. I love vinegar. I use it in cooking all the time. But why should cider vinegar be better, say, than red or white wine vinegar? I would be willing to switch to cider vinegar, say, if it were clear that its benefits are greater than wine vinegar…or rice vinegar…or whatever vinegar. But cider vinegar tends to have a particularly strong flavor which is inferior to other vinegars in cooking. Is using cider vinegar so much better that it makes up for the less obtrusive flavors that other vinegars give? By the way, I don't mind a cider vinegar vinagrette, but there are other vinegars I prefer for dressing my salad.

  18. I do my veggies in the crock pot with butter, never more than medium and never more than 40 mins, but lately I've been adding quite a few tomatoes and 4 cloves of garlic and getting a buttery garlicy mushroom, asparagus, spinach and tomato veggie stew.
    I tell Ya! A couple of days on that stuff and you feel like Neo after he's figured out the matrix lol

  19. U mentioned salmon among other seafoods to be great sources of omega3. How can that be if salmon is usually cooked or fried. If storing fish oil and flaxseed oil in room temperature kills omega3s due to oxidation, then how much of it is actually left in salmon if u bake it for even as little as 7mins?

  20. I am just starting a keto diet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have purchased ghee, mtc and am going to get coconut oil. Are there any other items that are must haves?
    Do you have videos for beginners? Are there any books I could read?
    I don't have a computer and won't for a couple of months. Help.
    Thank You.

  21. Hi Thomas, i wanted to ask you if you could please make a video explaining how does isometric contractions works and how to train it. Thanks for all the info!!!

  22. Thanks for all the great content of your videos. In terms of vegetables, what are your thoughts on frozen vs fresh in terms of nutritional value. I have heard that frozen are picked at peak and snap frozen so in many cases retain more nutrients than fresh vegetables especially if the fresh vegetables are sitting around under the supermarket lights. Could you do a video on this pleeeez?

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