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  1. what he is saying, that is literally me when i come home from school because some prick in my class keeps bulling me and insulting me

  2. "hey whats up dude whats going on no im not crying you fag shut up" HA always gets me and the part where he starts saying i did my best and the camera cuts to a girl who you can tell is crying from laughing so hard

  3. "oh btw i talked to Lora from 9th grade remember her and she says that she regrets not inviting you to that party"
    "….haha……no shit i was just thinking about that"

  4. Lol I love the words he makes up "weepathon". But it's true though, everything he said. I know because a few months ago I "had to cry" after the worst breakup of my life. I felt better afterwards.

  5. This is what I am feeling like today; got some major issues going on and I have to work all cheerful-like at a major ballpark tonight…awww fuck, can't wait for my day to be over.

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