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  1. I notice simula ng lumipat kayo sa new house parang ang good vibes ng vlogs and dami ng cooking part which i love…xoxo…

  2. Youre not mayabang ur so down to earth i can see u replying to ur fans dont ever change! 😊 now im a fan. Saved ur vids offline

  3. Nxt tym sis lagyan mo ng crushed chicharon lalong sa2rap ung pakbet mo…try mo lng nxt tym..😘.. i really loved watching ur vlogs… hugs and kisses😚

  4. ahahaha the way Jordan says Pinakbet. ::dead:: I totally rewinded it, just so that I could laugh again. I'll eat every vegetable on this planet other than Bitter Melon haha. I love okra, eggplant etc., but I just can't do bitter melon haha. When I was a kid, I used to call bagoong "Small Animals," because of the lil' shrimp. haha

  5. Gandaaa! Struggle din saken dati yang kalabasa. Gawin mo boil it first siguro mga 7mins para lumambot yung skin para madali sya balatan hehe😘

  6. wow… your so sweet couple πŸ‘« Ann and Jordan… I enjoy watching both of you.. and Jordan eating pinakbet. Ann you cooking look yummy 😍😘

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