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  1. i love you guys so much . your such an amazing family. i have been here sense 50k subscribers . if u give me a shoutout that would make my day .

  2. Ily guys sm I'd be so great full to get a shoutout happy bday to you Keisha I've been here from the start and get so excited to post new vids don't let anyone bring you down keep doing what ur doing this Yt channel is the best yet you guys inspire me so much that I wanna start my own Yt channel and so much more ily! Keep calm and vlog on

  3. Omg I didn't know she was only 21! I'm turning 22 this year, I thought she was older, just cause she seems more mature and you guys are really successful 🙂 happy birthday Keisha ✌🏼🎉

  4. So happy I came across your channel! You guys are really cool! Next week we'll get our first Hello fresh box as well. Stupid me really thought it was a German thing only. 🤣 Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! 👊🏻😘

  5. they are such wonderful parents , the treat their children so kindly and the speak words of kindness and encouragement to their children it really is beautiful ,what a beautiful family

  6. I've been here since day one you prank the kids for Christmas when you left with your mom prank kiss your mom will balloons I never left I watched all the videos I wait till you make some more and I never go to another YouTuber but you I think y'all guys are the best YouTuber now when you always go for a while kinda miss you just no avail for that one when Callie went to daycare when Kayla was a little baby I was on Instagram page I know everything about you guys more than I can ever tell you

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