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  1. Knew I recognised your dad from somewhere. Watched quite a few things on his channel. Only recently subscribed to yours and am loving the vids

  2. there is an american channel Corporals Corner, he built a "woodsman throne" latrine which is a longer seat with a tarp, it can hold 3 people dropping their loads at once

  3. I would cook beef bacon, I did that plus beef sausages last weekend but that was for a potluck lunch when I was in a large group camp, they were a hit! nice stuff guys

  4. I have been watching your videos for the content, I mean I like what is being presented in them, the topics. But as time goes by the way you present them have improved so drasitcally, I no longer just enjoy them, I admire them. Keep up the good work pal.

  5. Wish my Dad were still alive, cherish those wonderful moments, mine died when I was 21 and I only found the wilderness after that! He missed so many awesome adventures, but I missed him more!

  6. Holy Smokes guys slow down when u speak we can't understand what to hell you're talking about. You sound like Austin Powers and his father talking when nobody could understand what to hell they're saying. Here's the sub titles ???????

  7. Always a great time tuning in to watch your videos Mike. And your dad is a riot. Thanks for staying so regular on these uploads.

  8. Superb Mike as always. Great to see your dad out with you. You need to get back here to Hereford to catch those fish that you left in the Wye during your last visit. Woody says that the kettle is on lol. Where can I order the bug out, do, do bag from please 🙂

  9. Yet another awesome video, love all your videos. Btw, where are you from? My wife said your accent sounded like Essex, I don't even have a clue. Have a safe and happy week!

  10. мαувє иσт fσя вяєαкfαѕт, вυт нσт ∂σg ωєιиєяѕ, ѕℓι¢єѕ σf вяєα∂ σя нσт ∂σg вυиѕ αяє fαιяℓу єαѕу, qυι¢к, & тαѕту мєαℓѕ fσя тнє συт∂σσяѕ.

  11. Loving that depth of field, and the inclusion of a few super close ups. Keeps things interesting and makes it more emersive.

    Serious blade envy with your knife set up. Almost deserves its own little video with lots of slow mo's, super close ups, etc.

    Go the piklets!
    Big love to you and your dad my brotha 😄

  12. For a bushcraft breakfast, add fried potato bread to fried sausages and bacon. Add brown sauce and you're ready to take on the world. In England they might be called potato farls.

  13. What camera do you use? Love the channel btw. Inspired me to do a bit of bushcraft myself, got a new pack with lots of awesome tools and survival items coming soon. Cheers from Norway!

  14. Would be a good idea if you talked while building.So we know what the hell your doing.So far watching your video's is like watching a silent movie.

  15. I make cornbread muffins flattened like small silver dollar pancakes. Top with some premade honey butter with a spot of tea and you've got a nice breakfast treat.

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