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  1. Looks great pal, (well apart from the fruit pudding which as an englishman is very wrong!) Nothing beats a fry up outdoors though,, thanks for posting and all the best. Nick

  2. make the cooking videos longer from start to finish you should do a outside cooking series that would be great welldone

  3. You seem like a nice guy,,, I live in the Ozarks of America,,, would love you to come here and spend a little time,,,,,,,,,,,,you could probably learn a little about us YANKS……..

  4. I know that you don't drink much but, being from Scotland, could you recommend a local favorite Scotch Whiskey?

  5. Great video mate. Quick question where'd you get the grill you used. I'm halfway thru your video and I absolutely love it!

  6. This is my first time viewing any of your videos……………you hungry dog! ………….all that stuff is bad for you ………..
    But why is it that that all this bad stuff…..feels so good? A Billy Connelly quote. "I'v got A levels in guilt". You bad boy😎

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