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  1. I don't follow with the last one its shaved ice with bread under it and on the sides with strawberries on top and sides with some white sauce and I believe strawberry syrup?

  2. 1st seems to take ages, no good for street food, also not very impressive, the scissorthing…omg o.O
    2nd impressive
    3rd looks great!
    4th good speed
    5th looks like a billion kalories but i want one! Its HUGE!
    6th looks delicious but all in all, whats special about it? Speed and moves like that can be seen in any asian snackbar, laaaah.
    7th Its the Family-cup, right? Jaysus, the make a lot out of a little! Good job

  3. that first one reminds me of food i was making when i had no money and just started mixing everything i had left together

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