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  1. This is great because I completely know nothing and this is giving me the confidence to try makeup! =] I've tried wearing makeup before but people at my school were shocked and it made me.uncomfortable. I am sort of a tomboy but also a girly girl so that's probably why. How do you overcome that? I don't like getting the [not good] shock and awkward attention, so I've been to scared to try it again..

  2. hmm, I just got done watching teh whole playlist and I have to say thank you! I.. I;m not too familiar w/ makeup, though I've tried when messing around. I'm gonna be cosplaying soon- dressing up as fictional characters- And I do have sisters and friends who wear make up but I just wanted to do a little research of my own before jumping into the makeup world =w= Again thank you! this really helps! :]

  3. have you tried the megaplush mascara? OMG I am so in dilemma of whether to get this or the onebyone… I can't get both because I live in asia, I have to get it all the way from ulta 🙁

  4. Could you watch my videos and message me with your critique? Extra advice? 🙂 I have a video I'm going to be uploading eventually that I think is better than the first few I uploaded but anyways… Thanks

  5. I have the natural collection blusher in rosey glow and it really suites my skin tone which is pale ! I also love the stay matt pressed powder by rimmel

  6. lol at first I thought you were holding a clear serum and not a foundation! thanks so much for doing this vid — useful for minimizing makeup in your bag 😉

  7. @Nazioarteko89 I don't know either, I think you misunderstood. I can't digest milk or gluten fully. I am not saying anyone shouldn't eat gluten and milk!

  8. @TheMakeupChair thank u so much, im going to get it tomorrow 🙂 u hav about the same skin tone as me so i think it'll be ok xx

  9. @AprilFeathers Got for a peach shade 🙂 I have a video about how to deal with "flushes" cheeks 🙂 So I talk about it in my "blush" tutorial. The link its above.

  10. Any eyeshadows from wet n wild are unbelievable for their prices, I also love loreal voluminous false lashes mascara and I always prime my foundation with loreal magic perfecting base (: for brows I use the milani brow fix kit and any jumbo nyx eye pencil is great!

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