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  1. I like your editing style, I feel like the tutorial has all the info without taking a super long time to watch 🙂 great job!

  2. hi My name is Rebecca and i have an home running cosmetics shop and i would like to use your videos on my website as tips and tricks i will give a link to your channel 

    to The user of TheMakeupChair

  3. What makes this different from any other foundation routine? 
    Prime, foundation and powder, that's all you really said. 
    I found that youtube videos are the same regurgitated crap with different titles to get people to view in hopes that it's something new. I'm coming pretty close to entirely stopping watching beauty videos, they're so boring now.

  4. which is the color of the liquid and mineral foundation  do you use here? Thanks Sinead (Sorry for my english)

  5. I can't believe how gorgeous you are without makeup. Unreal. I know a lot of people say that to butter people up, but truly.. wow. I can't even imagine looking like that.

  6. What part of Ireland are you from? Your accent is very minimal. 
    It's nice to find a makeup guru who isn't super tan. I am pale! lol!

  7. I just loveee your videos!!! Have been following since 2011-2012…. must admit that I used to look like clown before I started watching your videos :P.. Thanks a lot! You keep it simple and short! Your snapchat story about someone picking on you in the comments was upsetting… not everyone is going to agree with you but their are many people like us who believe in you keep it up!! 🙂
    P.S. If I have daughters in the future, I would suggest them to watch your videos.. hehe.

  8. Can you do for dry skin? Im a beginner and my make keeps flaking due to the dryness please help! 🙁

  9. Hi! Glad to know your back! 🙂 I would love to see you do a video of an updated bridal look using drugstore product that will not creat a flash photography effect if you know what I mean 😉 please, please, please. 🙂

  10. Fantastic seeing a new video from you. I missed you, Sinead!!! Loving your tips and tricks. It would be great to see a foundation routine for a simpler look with sheer coverage. Yes, please!

  11. Welcome back, Sinead, I missed you, your videos, your tips, your voice and everything! Are your eyebrows thinner or is it just my opinion because I haven't seen you in a while?

  12. please write the shades you were using-foundation, concealer. you usually write, but this time you are less tanned and your skin coulour matches mine.

  13. will try this out, thank you for doing this video. 
    lately it's been very hot in my country so I'll be needing this kind of routine. ♥

  14. Would you consider the true match that you used to be dewey? I recently discovered, after never having used a dewey finish foundation, that it suits me quite well. However, I tried to use the Lumi by Loreal and I'm almost confident in saying that it broke me out. I'd love to try a cheaper alternative, dewey finish foundation. Is this one you would recommend? Thanks so much!

  15. I'm a little bit stuck because I'm wanting to buy a product to help prolong my makeup. I wear concealer (and foundation occasionally) which generally sits quite well, although leading up to the TOTM, it can start getting a little oily in my T-zone. My current method of setting my makeup is by using a powder, but my skin type is dry so it only shows off the patches of skin which are disgusting and flaky.
    My main issue is that I find when I apply blush, bronzer or when I contour, it fades within a few minutes of applying it. Whether it's the fact that my skin isn't properly prepped, or it's just the products I'm using, I have no idea. So, what primers would suit my skin type, and are affordable? Or would it be more beneficial using a setting spray/mist instead? (And which ones would you recommend?)
    Thank you x

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