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  1. Hello my beautiful friends! I was a guest columnist for @confettimagazine and it inspired me to create a bridal look, however this look works for so many different occasions and it's my favourite! I also think I have finally sorted my lighting so let me know if it's good for you and try this look out I can't wait to see you create it!

  2. Hi i get to know about this video frm Instagram why im not getting youtube alerts😭😭😭😭Nice tutorial thanku😘😘😘😘😘

  3. The make upchair I'm so glad to see your videos this makeup works for many occasions in India Now it's my favourite! Thank you for sharing 😚

  4. Sinead, you seriously are such a beauty! Beautiful on the outside and inside! ❤❤ Love this look btw! So easy, yet sophisticated looking for us beginners!

  5. Hey pretty girl, i've missed u so much , i love your makeup , i really wish to apply that makeup on my wedding day 😇💞💖 ..

  6. You're always share with us quite useful videos. Another bloggers share long and complex videos, so I'm bored but you're different. I love you 💞

  7. Hi,
    I love your videos and the way you explain your techniques. I have learned new tricks; thank you!!!
    I have a question about foundation. When do you (personally) use powder foundation, and liquid foundation?

    Thank you in advance.

  8. I love your videos!! They are so informative and really help me aply my make up..
    I was wondering if you would do a make up video for eye make up for people with glasses.. xxxx

  9. Exactly how I do my makeup almost every time. Does the powder or concealer give flashback? I'm always on the lookout for one that doesn't give my dry skin flashback. Concealers are hard for me to come by because they crease up on me. And setting it gives me flashback sometimes.

  10. Wow all the rose gold in this video😍from the background to the eye look to the french manicure to the brushes👌😍😍😍
    P.S. the lighting is great👍

  11. I love how you explain the makeup theory behind all the shades you use and the placement of the products. Gorgeous as always!

  12. Now your makeup is not very interesting.You keep recreating same look using different products.i dont enjoy your tutorials😦😦😦😧😧😧

  13. Beautiful ! ^^ I love that you are makeup free in the beginning of the videos, so we really can see the difference and the progress. Also love when you use the Master pallette, it's my fav 😀

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